Name: Malcorium. Occupation: cybergoth overlord, sweater cowboy, boomshoot enthusiast, self-proclaimed artist.


Sup I'm Mal, a 24 y/o cybergoth and sweater cowboy who goes by any pronouns you want, but tends to favor she/her and they/them. My favorite pastimes are playing boomer shooters, simping over robot villains, and lowkey reveling in constantly being mistaken for a 12 y/o boy.

I'm also a self-proclaimed digital artist, mostly for the fun of it. My specializations are sketching, pixel art, low-effort MS Paint scribbles (as seen here), and occasional painting. Aside from visual arts I also like to dabble in music and writing.

You can find me in these places:

Aside from my general internet presence, you can find me on a variety of pet sites. I'm an artist for Dragon Cave and Final Outpost, but pet sites in general are my non-guilty pleasure. i love me some pixel children.

Here's a list of ones I'm relatively active on:

There's no DNI or BYF or anything here cuz I'm not about that life, but here's some of my interests if you wanna read about that.

List of things I enjoy

I'm one of those gamer people. I chug gamer juiceā„¢ and play these, and many more:

  • Blood (1997)

  • the Doom franchise (up until Eternal ruined my boi sam :v)

  • Duke Nukem 3D and DN: Manhattan Project

  • Quake 1 and 4

  • the Half-Life series (except i don't have VR, sorry alyx), Portal, and GMod

  • Heretic and Hexen series

  • World of Warcraft (wotlk is best don't @ me, also i main rogue)

  • TES 4: Oblivion

  • System Shock 2

  • Jazz Jackrabbit series

  • Bejeweled series and other PopCap mom games

I'm also a musical trashcan who enjoys pretty much anything, but mostly these:

  • Amaranthe

  • Circle of Dust

  • Sabaton

  • Slayer

  • Lordi

  • metal in general

  • innumerable videogame OSTs and Doom megawad MIDIs

  • a bunch of 80's eurodance stuff, some techno/rave hits, random EDM stuff i heard on the radio once

I think these youtubers and streamers are cool and you should totally watch em too: